Welcome to the 1st Tep-post

We’ve officially entered the blogsphere and hope you’re as excited as we are! As the official blog of Tep, we will be sharing out thoughts on a variety of topics, specifically the world of health and fitness, but more importantly, how to incorporate it into your everyday life. You’ll also get insight on how Tep’s origins, so to get started we’d like to give you some backstory on us.

This journey started at a Hackaton competition, where the Tep team first met. A group of strangers had to work together and what could have been a disaster, actually turned into a collaborative group of people who meshed well together. We started out as strangers, but quickly bonded and realized our potential as a team, and we all decided to change our directions in life to create ZeaLab Products – Tep’s mother company that aims to provide you with fun, as well as a little eccentricism into your life.

To go above and beyond other pedometer apps and devices, we decided on creating a quirky giraffe that dwells in your mobile device and tracks your walks, runs, bike trips and other physical activities, so that you can receive points that allow you feed or customize your virtual giraffe. Think of your giraffe as your pet and by staying physically active, you are not only helping yourself out, but your digital pet, too!

So there you have it, a brief history on Tep.

Stay tuned for more insightful blog posts!