The science of Instant Gym

The discovery of electricity, the Wright brothers’ first flight, mans first step on the moon, the cellphone and now the latest scientific achievement for mankind is Instant Gym.

Instant Gym is a smartphone app that increases hand, wrist and arm strength in a matter of seconds. Testers on average had a 38.5 % increase in strength and size of their arms. This smartphone app can burn up to 1000 calories in an hour. How is this possible? Well I really don’t want to bore you with all of the science involved with this miracle app, but basically the app uses your smartphone to send electronic waves up and down your arm. These electronic waves slowly workout the muscles in your arms, and all you have to do is press your hand to the cellphone screen. I know what your thinking it sounds dangerous, don’t worry, the app was tested on 50 chimpanzees and they all survived.

Who wants to go to the gym and actually do exercises when you can sit on your couch and get a better arm workout? The new generation of workout apps is here and they require little to know physical activity. Download and see for yourself at Google Play.