50 reasons to run

A few months ago, we decided to create our own collection of inspiring quote photos that everyone can easily live by. Each and every one of them will remind you why you should get up and go running. Inspired by a blogpost on Sparkpeople by Nicole Nichols, we challenged ourselves to start a weekly post on the topic to let our readers know that you don’t need to run for anyone or anything else but yourself.

Let’s see some of the werk photos taken by Balazs:

We usually come up with a whole bunch of excuses why we shouldn’t run or go out and exercise, but, really, it’s mind over matter. If you really want to do something to change your life, then just get up and do it!

We want to inspire you to get up and take action and will provide you with weekly inspiration as a reminder to achieve all of your health goals. Together, we can get fit and be healthy!

Here’s a special thanks to the following people for helping Tep accomplish this weekly inspiration post and for making it possible to publish these wonderful photos weekly:

Photography: Petra Horváth and Csilla Sebestény
Werk video and photos: Balázs Keresztúri
Models: Eszter Szűcs, Renata Fülöp; Anna Alberti, Karolina Kónya and many others