Tep Tracker is officially in the WP Store

The official beta of Tep Tracker fitness app is out in the store. Windows Phone users, this time you are the 1st to enjoy the following extra features:

As many of you, we also love Spotify and would like to make your job easier when you start your workout session - Now you can access Spotify easily and quickly right from our Tep before you start out.

Photosharing option: share the photo of your adventure after your workout session.

Enjoy the variety of outdoor workouts including skiing, hiking, skiing which are only available activities in the WP version of Tep.

If you decide to schedule your next workout you do not need to leave the application, it is enough to visit the diary - your chosen time is going to be synchronized with your calendar and thus two steps are solved in a simple one. Switch on the lock screen and monitor your pet at one glance on the go.


As it implies, Android users can also look forward to enjoying these features soon and a lot more is coming!
Enjoy being part of our history with the beta versions of these two platform because May, 2015 brings many new surprises!

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