Having a bully at school, later at college or what is worst, at work, is a nightmare. Avoiding or fighting back are not solutions in a general sense. Mostly the most important step is to find the state of mind that ignores stupid remarks and shows the confidence that stops you from being weakened and hurt which mostly encourage those whose hobby is targeting you.

And the ultimate remedy is to workout! Are you surprised? It is not magic at all. For example start running and you will soon see that

  • It releases stress: You get rid of all the frustration that your bullies caused you
  • Heals depression: You will experience even after the 1st session that your mood is much better - nothing is more power than a simple smile when somebody expects you to burst in tears.
  • Boosts your energy: The happier, more energetic and released you feel, the easier you take the negative remarks. If they see you do not care, they will soon give up the habit as well.
  • Gives confidence to body and soul - it will soon be visible to everyone around you that you feel stronger. Your body language and posture will also reflect that you are in control
  • Increases brain power- running regularly increases overall brian function, causing “improvement in attention, concentration, planning and organizing”.Workout is an invisible act that will help you change the attitude of those who are picking on you.

A healthier life starts now!