BikeRunfest - A Survivor’s report

118km of an amateur’s sweat combined with a professional’s persistence and passion in the mind-blowing Alps resulted in an amazing story that needs to be shared.

With the number 11 pinned to back, I was excited to partake in my first BikeFunFest. I remember it as if it were yesterday – hundreds of cyclists riding through the streets of small cities like Wiener Neunstadt and pushing through challenging terrain as they raced to be crowned champion. It’s an experience that I’ll never forget and cherish, despite riding a bike that wasn’t able to handle all the hills.

After 71,8km and tired legs from having to transverse the tough course with an inadequate bike, I managed to finish the first day somewhere in the middle. I even impressed myself, given the kind of bike I had and the fact that this was my first time in the race. I was so exhausted from the day’s ride that I didn’t mind having to sleep in a pub; it was actually a way better option than camping out in the chilly Alpine air.

I awoke the next day feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the upcoming ride, and even my inadequate bike didn’t even bother me. That was until it started to make the most disturbing noises ever imaginable (something like screeching cat). I finally decided to throw in the towel and opted to finish the rest of the race (58km to be exact), by watching the postcard-like landscape in a safety car (which was it’s own adventure with a story for another time).

Although I suffered some hardships trying to compete in the race, I did manage to do the 118k race with my pocket giraffe by my side – which was why I originally wanted to do the race in the first place.

But I enjoyed my experience so much that I’ve placed a better bike at the top of my Christmas wish list and will helpfully cross the finish line with in for the next BikeRunFest in 2015!

Remember to GET UP, GET TEP.

Thanks for the organizers of Bikerunfest and Tep + the guy who offered me his supersonic bike if he wins - almost there;)