3 Best Fitness Tracker You Can Use

Before we get into the “real” stuff, lets just keep the fitness tracker thing aside for a moment.
Ask yourself one question – “If I lose everything right now. What would be the only one thing that will help me become the richest, and the most successful man in the world?”

And without a doubt, that answer will be your “life” because if you have your body, your mind and your soul, you can do almost anything in the world. Even if you lose everything you have right now, you can still become successful.
So, it is very crucial that you keep good care of your body, because it is the single, most important, and never ending asset of your life that will continually keep earning profits, and bring success to you.

Now back to the Fitness tracker thing.

Since the last year, you have been bombarded with many different wearable watches and fitness trackers. Many of them claim to have things that we just consider as myths, while most others explain everything what will it be serving to us.
But there’s one thing that is bad about all the smart watches and the fitness trackers out there – there are too many.
Yes, that’s a bad thing because, since there are too many fitness trackers, you are too confused to choose the right one. Apple is the best example of having one product for everybody.
But you can thank me because I have done all the hard work and selected the 3 best fitness trackers that you have to consider while making the final choice (isn’t that so sweet of me?). So, whether you are a gym junkie, running freak, a swimmer, or just want to go where the flow is going, these 3 fitness trackers are the real deal.

So, here they are.

Fitbit Charge HR

source: CIO.com

Whether you are a gym junkie, or a running freak, the Fitbit Charge HR has got you covered.
It continuously monitors your heart rate and calculates how many calories you’ve burned. According to TechRadar “it was among the best step and calorie burning counters to wear on your wrist”. You can choose from 3 different sizes for different types of wrists, so make sure you know which type is yours.
The screen will show you your daily statistics, as well as the caller id if someone’s calling on your phone.

Jawbone UP Move

Let me say this. Jawbone UP Move is perfect if you are a sports person. What kind of sports are you involved in?

It doesn’t matter.

All you have to do, is just tap a button and it will start tracking. Once you are done tracking your calorie burn, you can then select a sport from a huge list that includes running, Zumba, yoga, and more, and then assign that calorie burn to that.
Moreover, you can also tag which enables fitness fans to keep track of their workouts. You will then be able to see even better representations of your calorie burn in the Jawbone app, which again, is the best as of now.

Besides being flexible with workout exercises, Jawbone has a very unique design compared to other wrist fitness trackers. Jawbone UP “is designed to be an accessory, with a clear line in the sand, demarcating our approach from other clunky and distracting tech devices”(read more). You will never feel insecure of the judgements of others because this watch is stylish for any social setting.  Still skeptical?

See for yourself:

Garmin Vivosmart

You knew this was coming, didn’t you?
Garmin Vivosmart is one of the most successful fitness trackers in the world. The Vivosmart is a combination of a great, curved OLED display and if you ever expected more from this fitness tracker, it also acts as a smartwatch (what else do you want now?).
You will receive all the traditional notifications on your Vivosmart by way of vibrations and you’ll also see an overview of what is that notification about or what’s happening.



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