10+1 Habit changing tips

We all play a series of habits throughout the day. Apparently, there must be some bad habits that you play and you want to change it for improvement. Especially when you have a daily habit of smoking, impulse spending, eating continuously and more must be stopped immediately to avoid future damages.

Changing any habit can be difficult, but it is not impossible. All you need to do it make a plan about how you will suppress your urges for that habit and stick to it. Here are 10+1 habit changing tips that will definitely help you to overcome bad habits:

#1 Keep It Simple

As said before, habit change is not at all complicated, and requires you to know a few things to get successful results. Instead of making big plans, and forget, make a simple plan.

#2 Replace one habit at a time

It is possible that you want to have multiple habit change, but in order to get sustainable results; it is highly advisable to change one habit at a time. Be more focused, and improve your charges to succeed.

#3 Don’t Make Big Plan

It is generally seen that big plans collapse at very first step. Therefore, always start small because habit change is arduous, and you should avoid too much pressure for a successful change. If you want to start jogging, start with just 10-15 minutes.

#4 Be Consistent

You can never change any daily habit in a few days. It would require time to change any habit, and let replacement habit overcome that completely and permanently. Therefore, you are asked to do it for at least 3o days non-stop. But don’t forget:

“you don’t have to be perfect. Making a mistake once or twice has no measurable impact on your long-term habits. This is why you should treat failure like a scientist, give yourself permission to make mistakes, and develop strategies for getting back on track quickly.” James Clear

#5 Write Down Your Habit

You must write down the habit you want to change on a piece of paper. It will build a sense of commitment.

#6 Make a Plan

When you write your habit, also write down the plan that you would follow to change the habit. Include all steps, obstacles, and triggers that you will experience during the process.

#7 Know Your Strength

You must be clear about the strength you have, and how they will benefit you in achieving your goal. Write it down on paper for motivation. Make sure you are realistic about your strength.

#8 Do not Just Jump In

Instead of starting right away, you must slow down a little and decide a start date. If you start immediately, it means that you’re very excited, and didn’t put enough thought in the process, which generally, does not last longer.

#9 Figure Out All Hurdles

Once you decide the plan, you must also know what are the problems and barrier you will face during the process. It will prepare you to face all the issues as you already know that they will come across sooner or later.

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#10 Get a Support System

There’s a high chance that you will need help to support when you have a strong urge. It is not necessary that you have any person to be with you - even a good fitness mobile application can become your secret guardian to motivate your next morning jog.

+1 Stay Positive

You need to keep you head up with positive thought and strong determination for a successful habit change.