Your Must-Keep Diet Rules

  Are you a ‘SAD’ victim too? SAD or the Standard American Diet is the stereotypical diet of the Americans which is dominated by high intake of red meat, sugary desserts, high-fat foods, and refined grains – all foods which are known to be sneaky culprits behind fatigue, headaches, chronic illness and premature aging. Remember […]

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Having a bully at school, later at college or what is worst, at work, is a nightmare. Avoiding or fighting back are not solutions in a general sense. Mostly the most important step is to find the state of mind that ignores stupid remarks and shows the confidence that stops you from being weakened and […]

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3 Best Fitness Tracker You Can Use

Before we get into the “real” stuff, lets just keep the fitness tracker thing aside for a moment. Ask yourself one question – “If I lose everything right now. What would be the only one thing that will help me become the richest, and the most successful man in the world?” And without a doubt, […]

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