Last update: 28.01.2015.

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy (statement, policy) describes how we collect and use personal information when you use Tep application (Service, Tep, application) or our website. This Statement tells you what information we collect and how we might store or use the collected data. Furthermore, this Privacy Policy also describes how can you review your collected personal information, how can we implement changes in this Privacy Policy and when the Statement is valid.

Acceptance of Privacy Policy

We respect the privacy and personal information so we will not share your personal information unless you consent it or as described in this policy. Using our application or website consider as an acceptance of this statement. If you do not agree with this statement (as described in our Privacy Policy), please do not provide us personal information, discontinue using the application and close our website immediately. Please consider that using our application or services are voluntary, and you are not required to provide us any personal information unless you choose to start using Tep application.

Collected information using Tep application

We ask for your personal information when you sign up in order to create a personal unique account for you and make the usage of Tep easier. This personal information may contain your name, email address and password. During the usage of Tep we may also ask for your name and health related information, such as date of birth, height, weight and gender. These health related information are used to give you a more accurate traction for your workouts. Please consider, if you use external account to sign up or integrate other accounts in the Settings menu, these information will be transferred to Tep automatically from your designated sign up account. Location information (GPS-data) and performance related information (time, speed, time spent, type of your exercise, burned calories) may be collected automatically or voluntarily during your exercises or if you integrate other external accounts in the Settings menu. Please consider that all of these data are stored in the cloud under your personal unique account and protected by Microsoft Azure. We will only disclose or share your identifiable personal information with business or third parties with your consent. However we may need to transfer your personal information to our service providers in order to provide Service to you. These transfers are related to data management, email distribution, market research, information analysis, promotions management, etc. These transfers are secure and the data recipient shall accrue no proprietary rights to your personal information outside the purpose of the transfer. Furthermore, we use Google Analytics, BugSense, Crashlytics and Flurry to collect anonymous information when you use Tep, such as the number of new users, average session duration, number of active users, type of active devices and number of different screen views. Please consider that our application may send you email or mobile notifications any time related to your activities or the progress of your pet. We only use these collected information to improve our customer service and improve our application.

Collected information using our website

The website use Google Analytics to understand how you use our site and may collect anonymous demographic data about the visitors, such as their gender, age or how long you spend on the site. These information are stored on the servers of Google. We use these Google Analytics collected data to enhance the user experience, evaluating your use of the website and compiling reports on website activity. You can find further information about the Google Analytics on the following links: Safeguarding your data in Google Analytics and Privacy Policy of Google. Our website may also use different cookies in order to enhance user experience. Your browser store cookies on your hard drive for record-keeping purposes and sometimes to track information about your site visits. You can disable cookies, but please consider our website may not function properly in this case. Please consider that we also track your mouse movement and mouse clicks while using our website in order to enhance the user experience.


Participating on our e-mailing list is voluntarily, but we advise you to be on our e-mailing list in order to receive electronic information about our services news, updates and/or offers with our selected business partners. You can unsubscribe from our mailing list at the footer of the newsletters.

Notification of Privacy Policy Changes

This Privacy Policy may change time to time in order to reflect the changes of our practices. Prior any updates or modifications of this Privacy Policy we will send you a notification in e-mail (specified in your account). In order to become aware of modifications we recommend you to review this privacy policy periodically. You can monitor the time of the last update at the top of this page.

Contact Information

If you have any question about this Privacy Policy, the usage of Tep or our website, please contact us at:

[email protected]

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